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Sanders Gravel Pit
Special Use Permit
Special Use Permit - Mining
Waiting for Revisions
Alan Goldich


Application Types

Special Use Permit - Mining

Planning Commission & Board of County Commissioners
Waiting for Revisions


There are no hearings for this planning application.

Related Permit & Planning Applications

There are no related items for this planning application.

Meeting Requests

8/23/2021 at 1:00 p.m.

Documents & Images

Date Uploaded File Type Document Name
08/18/2021 Exhibit 3 - Adjacent Landowner Addresses
08/18/2021 Exhibit 3(a) - Adjacent Landowner Mailing Labels
08/18/2021 Exhibit 6(e) - Topo, Vegetation, Water Resources, and Wetlands Maps
04/07/2022 Drawing Exhibit 6(b) - Reclamation Plan Map (Phase 1) (Received)
04/07/2022 Drawing Exhibit 6(d) - Reclamation Plan Map (Phase 2) (Received)
04/07/2022 Drawing Exhibit 6(a) - Mining Plan Map (Phase 1) (Received)
04/07/2022 Drawing Exhibit 6(c) - Mining Plan Map (Phase 2) (Received)
04/07/2022 Plans Exhibit 5 - Mitigation (County SUP) (Received)
04/07/2022 Narrative Exhibit 4 - Site Description (County SUP) (Received)
04/07/2022 Report Exhibit 4(b) - Soil Resources Report and Map (Received)
04/07/2022 Map Exhibit 2 - Vicinity Map (Received)
08/18/2021 Deed Exhibit 1 - Special Warranty Deed
08/18/2021 Receipt Receipt for transaction:2021-000021
04/07/2022 Other 1_Application Form_EXECUTED0 (1) (Received)
04/07/2022 Map Exhibit 6(e) - Topo, Vegetation, Water Resources, and Wetlands Maps0 (Received)
04/07/2022 Other CHECKLIST Mining (Received)
09/02/2021 Letter Notice of Incomplete Application (Generate/Send Notice of Incomplete Application)
11/17/2021 Letter Hoogendoorn letter 11.9.21
04/07/2022 Other Exhibit 8 - Statement of Authority (401(k)) (SIGNED) (Received)
04/07/2022 Other Exhibit 7 - DRMS Submission (M2021066)-compressed (Received)
12/01/2021 Email CCALT letter
12/08/2021 Letter Meyer letter
12/14/2021 Letter Shred Arc LLC letter
02/03/2022 Email DRMS COA
02/03/2022 Letter DRMS approval
02/03/2022 Exhibit A-5_Access Easement (UPDATED)
02/03/2022 Addendum 5 - Letter Granting Legal Right to Enter (SIGNED)
03/02/2022 Study 2022 Sanders Pit Gravel Traffic Impacts Study
03/09/2022 Letter Application Accepted Letter (Generate Complete Application Notice)
04/07/2022 Form PL20210004 sign affidavit (Received)
03/17/2022 Email Dam Safety comments
03/17/2022 Email DWR comments
03/24/2022 Photograph IMG_20220324_123458438
03/24/2022 Photograph IMG_20220324_124204962
03/24/2022 Photograph IMG_20220324_123451187
03/24/2022 Photograph IMG_20220324_123455019
03/24/2022 Photograph IMG_20220324_123618900
03/24/2022 Photograph IMG_20220324_123615349
03/24/2022 Photograph IMG_20220324_123622122
03/28/2022 Letter R&B comments
03/28/2022 Letter Hoogendorn comments 3.18.22
03/29/2022 Email CDPHE Stormwater comments
03/31/2022 Letter Brookshire comments
04/01/2022 Letter Planning Review Corrections (Generate Notice of Revisions)
06/07/2022 Letter 22,05.06 Responses to Road and Bridge Questions0 (Received)
06/07/2022 Letter 22.05.06 Response to Routt County Planning0 (Received)
05/06/2022 Study Sanders Pit Gravel TIS-Final R1
05/23/2022 Letter CPW Comments Sanders Gravel Pit Routt County
06/07/2022 Letter Planning Review Corrections0 (Received)